Scrambler grenade

''File:Scrambler IW.jpg|thumb|Scrambler grenadeThis article is about the throwable item in Deus Ex: Invisible War. For the throwable item in Deus Ex, see Scramble grenade.''

{{Quote|Transmits an electronic signal that temporarily causes bots to attack their allies. Detonates after a brief duration or can be set to detonate on contact by using the alternate firing mode.|description of Scramble Grenade|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}

Scrambler Grenades are weapons in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War. ''Once thrown, Scramble Grenades will confuse bots with a minute broadcast that rewires its command frequencies. These bots will be friendly to the player, and will attack other bots and organic beings that would normally be allied with it.'' ''After so long, the bot will reestablish the correct frequencies and act as normal.'' ''Scramble grenades can be very useful throughout the game, but they are rare. The player should remember not to waste these on light spider bots, and to use caution with RB-76 Military bot|RB-76's, as they are often found near Knights Templar|Templars armed with rocket launchers, which can make short work of even an RB76.

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