Scramble grenade

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|name=Scramble Grenade
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|skill=Weapon_skill|Weapons: Demolition}} {{Quote|The detonation of a GUARDIAN scramble grenade broadcasts a short-range, polymorphic broadband assault on the command frequencies used by almost all bots manufactured since 2028. The ensuing electronic storm causes bots within its radius of effect to indiscriminately attack other bots until command control can be re-established. Like a LAM, scramble grenades can be attached to any surface.|description of Scramble Grenade|Deus Ex}}
'''Scramble grenades''' are a demolition skill weapon in ''Deus Ex''.


==Game item==
They are used solely against robots, causing them to temporarily ally themselves with you and attack other robots. This can be very useful when facing several bots at once. Not only will the bot be an effective method of destroying any nearby bots, the enemies it decides to fight will weaken it enough to make it very easy for you to kill before the scramble wears off.


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