'''File:Pvt._Scott.jpg|thumb|198px|Private ScottScott '''is the watchman for the main entrance/door of UNATCO HQ. Scott always says something as the player runs past the window he is stationed at. Scott's rank is unknown. He is never seen in action or in the field. Like most UNATCO HQ|UNATCO troops, he is armed with an Assault Rifle.
==Interactions with the player character==
Scott is never seen outside his station as a watchman. The player is able to see Scott everytime they run past his station. The door leading to his station is locked with infinite strength. (There is no nanokey to open it in the game.) Scott can be killed when the player escapes from UNATCO HQ. The only way to get inside his station is to let him see you through the window and let him open the door for you. Killing Scott will not affect the game in any way. When you escape from the MJ12|Majestic-12 facility behind UNATCO HQ, the first trooper who you can kill is named Scott, just like the trooper behind the window overlooking the main entrance to UNATCO HQ, but this is probably a glitch.
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