Sarif Industries Rising to Tomorrow

'''Sarif Industries: Rising to Tomorrow''' is a multi-part ebook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found:

* In the conference room at Milwaukee Junction, immediately after the lab with the hostages.
* In office 21 in the Sarif Industries headquarters.

==Sarif Industries: Rising to Tomorrow==
How Did We Get Here?

David Sarif had a dream: that one day he would create a technology that would change the world, and his company would be the crucible where that would happen. In 2007, Sarif Industries opened its doors in Detroit, working in partnership with the city to revitalize it with an influx of new technology industries.

Sarif's research and development of augmentations are a measure of human advancement toward a better future, and our founder's reputation as a free-thinker and a maverick has allowed him to recruit a staff of like-minded geniuses, gathering the kinds of nonconformist scientists that, like David Sarif, have never truly been able to function in a regumented corporate environment. 

In the past two decades, Sarif Industries has generated a reputation for originality and innovation in the business and science communities.

The Sarif Ethos

Here at Sarif Industries, we specialize in the design and manufacture of advanced neuro-augmentations and prosthetics for human implantation, and we strive to distinguish ourselves by working with clients to create progressive, forward-thinking, custom augmentations that answer specific challenges and needs. We are proud to maintain our creative independence in a rapidly shrinking and highly competitive marketplace.

To ensure our uniqueness, we maintain an in-house staff of doctors and nurses, in addition to the usual array of augmentation scientists and researchers, training them to work with clients to determine individual needs. Sarif Industries offers its clients free comprehensive, pre-operational screenings so as to better understand their personal challenges.

We employ over 1500 people in the Detroit area, in our factory and R&D facilities. More than any other corporation in the augmenting industry, we work hard to promote and maintain our reputation as innovators and as a home for independence, excellence and quality.
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