SP6975 Aero security bot


{{Quote|The Aero Bot is a formidal security deterrent. Aero bots are equipped with a spotlight and dual high-speed gatling guns.|''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' description}}

The '''SP69/75 Aero security bot''' is a type of security and patrol bot in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

Some time after the Collapse, Panzerwerks become the new leader of the bots market. Its main purpose was to create new generation of military and security bots, formerly held by Page Industries and Chiang.

A bot created for patrolling a city, this sensory system is more advanced compared with those of other bots. Being very slow-moving but responding quickly, it's the only bot that will follow you up stairs and through narrow passages, so don't think turning a corner is enough to evade it.

*Seattle|Upper Seattle, patrolling the streets.


SP69-75AeroSecurityBotView.png|View of the SP69/75 Aero security bot
AerobotIW.jpg|SP69/75 Aero security bot concept art

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