{{Quote|Fully automatic rapid-fire submachine gun. Its alternate firing mode launches a flashbomb.|description of SMG|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}

The '''Mako Ballistics SMG''' ('''Submachine Gun''') is a weapon in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

Developed by Mako Ballistics, it fires 9mm rounds and uses Universal Ammo. Attached to it is a flashbomb launcher that also uses Universal Ammo. It is the only automatic firearm in the game.

While somewhat useful at the start of the game, the SMG becomes nearly useless when the player begins to encounter strong foes, such as Illuminati Commandos.

The SMG first appears in Seattle; it can be found in the Inclinator's lower part, on top of a crate on a ledge immediately to your left when you get there, the ledge is reached by a door requiring a multitool, but can be jumped to after stacking crates. It can also be purchased from the Omar in Club Vox or obtained by killing or knocking out one of the few SSC or WTO troops that has it. From there, the SMG will be found more often on enemies; by the time you reach the ApostleCorp offices in Cairo, at least one humanoid enemy in a group of them will always have a SMG.

The SMG is effective against unarmored humans (such as SSC troops) and monsters. While it does little damage per shot, it has a high firing rate. Make sure that you're somewhat close to your target while firing; the SMG's accuracy has a noticeable drop off at medium to long range. Beware; it quickly eats through ammo, so make sure that you have a lot of ammo before you prepare to use it for a long period of time.

To get the most out of the SMG, fire a flashbomb at a target before firing. The few seconds it'll be stunned will give you more than enough time to land a few rounds before they can start firing.

The SMG is virtually useless against Armored Paladins and Illuminati Commandos. It does very little damage per bullet against them, and it can take up to half of the max holdable ammo to kill one. Flashbombs will not effect them either. Although, an SMG modified with increased damage and fragmentary will make it quite effective against most targets.

==Unique variant==
*Widowmaker SMG

==Behind the scenes==
*The first automatic weapon intended by the developers was the Mako Ballistics assault rifle, before they finally put the Mako Ballistics SMG.


MakoBallisticsSMG2.png|Mako Ballistics SMG concept art.

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