Rocket launcher (DX2)

File:Rocketlauncher IW.jpg|thumb|359px|Rocket Launcher in Deus Ex: Invisible War{{Quote|Fires a missile that detonates on impact. Alternate firing mode grants the user first-person control of the missile via an on-board camera.|description of Rocket Launcher|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}The '''Rocket Launcher''' is a weapon in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''. It is first obtainable in Antarctica from Knights Templar|Templar Paladins wearing Templar V68A power armor|V68A power armor, and will regularly appear from that point onward. Its primary fire is a rocket fired in a straight line, and its alternate fire is a user-guided rocket.
The rocket launcher is a strong weapon, though it suffers from a mediocre fire rate and the same Universal Ammo|ammo consumption rate as a Sniper Rifle (DX2)|sniper round; it is arguably more effective than the sniper rifle in most situations because it is stronger, has splash damage, can be user controlled, uses the same amount of ammo, and in locations where sound detection is an issue, can be fired from a safe location and directed to the desired target without worry of being traced back.

The rocket launcher can also double as an alternative method to open up locked containers or lockers, effectively turning ammo into a substitute for multitool (DX2)|multitools or the equally effective Concussion grenade (DX2)|concussion grenade.

On firing, light, interactive objects surrounding the player will likely be thrown in a manner similar to gust of wind emanating from the user. On landing, flammable objects near the point of impact will catch fire.

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