Richard Hundley

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'''Richard Hundley''' is the Administrator of the VersaLife Hong Kong VersaLife facility|Data Entry Facility in Hong Kong and a character in ''Deus Ex''.

When JC Denton visits the VersaLife Data Entry Facility for the first time, he will likely meet Hundley first, as he is patrolling the 3 floors of the facility. He will talk to the player and offer him a pass into the lower levels for 2000 credits.

Later, JC will also talk to John Smith in the hopes of getting a pass to the Pacific Rim Research Facility. Smith will give him the pass, but only if JC quietly kills Hundley (rendering him unconscious works just as well) for him.

Although all other sources in the game refer to him as "Hundley," the NPC itself is misspelled "Hundly."

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