Resist The Machine!

 Resist The MachineEx: Human Revolution.html">Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It is the manifesto of the Purity First! movement.

'''Resist The Machine!'''

We Are Purity First!

Reject The Metal!

Embrace Yourself!

Lies Are Made of Steel - The Truth Is Flesh & Blood!

Are you tired of seeing half-human cyborgs taking jobs and opportunities from good people?

Are you sick of cogs who mutilate and debase themselves?

We believe that understanding human choice is impossible without first experiencing the human body's limitations!

Physical limitations are what make us human - we should not strive to be anything else!

Attempting to improve the human condition through biological modifications only diverts attention and resources from social solutions that could do the same without changing the fundamental nature of people!

We believe that any deliberate attempt to change the human body is ethically and morally wrong.

Purity First cannot be smashed, it cannot be effectively infiltrated, it cannot be stopped. 

You, each and every one of you, are Purity First.

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