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The '''M-28 UR-DED''' ('''Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device''') is a Deus Ex: Human Revolution weapons|weapon in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution'', appearing only with the Explosive Mission Pack.

The M-28 UR-DED is a remote explosive developed by Steiner Bisley. It is the next-generation iteration of the venerable Satchel charge. The M-28 UR-DED consists of 273 grams of blue liquid nano explosive wrapped in a transparent package that can adhere to any surface and a wireless remote trigger. The user can detonate the package with radio remote trigger or using either direct fire-targeting. This explosive can work alone or being slaved to other M-28s.

This remote-detonation capability combined with the propensity among enemies to investigate explosions means that even a pacifist player might find this useful as a distraction. You don't need to be able to see the UR-DEDs you have deployed; merely hold down the throw/use button (default 'g') to detonate them and draw attention.

*Sarif Manufacturing Plant, four are given to the player in the start, if the Explosive Mission Pack is installed.
*Detroit - Adam Jensen's apartment, one can be found in the secret stash behind the TV screen.
*Detroit - A storage locker tucked in the right side of the road of DRB territory road before Derelict Row.
*Hengsha - Harvesters|Harverster's Hideout, one can be found in the security room with a sleeping gang member inside, close to a turret, just below Street Level.
*Hengsha - Harvesters|Harverster's Hideout, one can be found in a makeshift surgery room on floor 1, next to the cells.

==Behind the scenes==
*UR-DED is shorthand for "You are dead" or "You're dead."
*The detonator shown in the concept art is not used with the explosives in-game. However, it ''is'' used as the inventory icon for the 'Unknown Handheld Device' that the player is given at the beginning of the bonus mission to rescue Tracer Tong.


M28RemoteExplosive.png|M-28 UR-DED concept art

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