Radar Transparency

'''Radar Transparency''' is one of the nano-augmentations in ''Deus Ex''.

File:Radar Transparency.jpg|right{{Quote|Radar-absorbant resin augments epithelial; microprojection units distort agent's visual signature. Provides highly effective concealment from automated detection systems -- bots, Security camera|cameras, turrets.|Deus Ex description}}

It is the complement of Cloak - the player must choose one or the other when installing the Augmentations (DX)|augment in Subdermal slot 1.


*'''TECH ONE''': Power drain is normal.
**Rate at base 300 units/min
*'''TECH TWO''': Power drain is reduced slightly.
**Rate decreased to 250 units/min
*'''TECH THREE''': Power drain is reduced moderately.
**Rate decreased to 200 units/min
*'''TECH FOUR''': Power drain is reduced significantly.
**Rate decreased to 150 units/min

Energy Rate: 300 Units/Minute

#In the Hong Kong VersaLife facility. The augmentation canister can be found in the Versalife magnetic testing chamber in the level 1 laboratories.
#*''"Mark, We received that augmentation canister you were waiting on -- I had it put in suspension in the magnetic testing chamber, code '''5878'''. Let me know once you get results of the test. Thanks, Dr. Lundquist"'' -- Datacube on Versalife
#In the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard. The canister is in a storage room in the below decks area of the PRCS Wall Cloud.
#In the Vandenberg|Vandenberg Air Force Base. It's on a table in the hazard room: a room that is flooded, located on the south end of the base.

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