RB-76 Military bot


{{Quote|The Military Bot is a large bot equipped with an anti-personnel rocket. It is typically deployed in open, outdoor spaces.|''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' description}}

The '''RB-76 Military bot''' is a type of security and patrol bot in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

Some time after the collapse, Panzerwerks become the new leader of the bots market. Its main purpose was to create new generation of military and security bots, formerly held by Page Industries and Chiang.

The most uncommon bot, the RB-76 Military bot are extremely tough and extremely large. It is typically deployed in open, outdoor spaces and wield a very powerful anti-personnel rocket launchers and even if you are fleeing at maximum speed from one, they can still often catch you with the radius explosion of their rockets. Luckily, their large size makes them very cumbersome and easy to avoid. They are the only bot which will survive an EMP grenade, so if you are using EMP grenades to take one out, don't face it head on as it will have time to react and end you.
As with any other mechanical enemy tough enough to survive, a single hit from a melee weapon (such as the Energy blade|Energy Blade) along with Tier 3 Augmentations (DX2) Discharge will scramble the RB-76, making it turn against nearby enemies and dispatching them with relative ease. Once affected by this method, it will only become hostile again after a large amount of time, during which it can be harmlessly dispatched itself with a few subsequent hits. This also applies to Scrambler grenade|Scrambler Grenades, if available.

If this isn't a viable option, keep your distance and spam EMP grenades or explosives.

*Cairo Arcology Level 110 Bay 24 (first visit), patrol in the bay.
*Cairo Arcology Level 110 Bay 24 (second visit), patrol in the bay.
*Black Gate Ruins, outside main area.


militarybotconceptIW.jpg|RB-76 Military bot concept art

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