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'''Purity First''' is a radical anti-augmentation group in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.

The group was founded by formerly Mechanical augmentation|mechanically augmented Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, Zeke Sanders. However, Zeke claimed that the retinal prosthesis he had installed under the Recycle Military Bill drove him to doing horrible things during the wars, and eventually removed it. Following this, he founded the Purity First, a group that gathered people with a similar hate for human augmentation.

They are responsible for multiple acts of breaking and entering, vandalism, theft, and arson. Most of their attacks involve empty buildings with little security presence, and usually no fatalities.

In Deus Ex: Icarus Effect|2027, Anna Kelso recalls that the group is responsible for several assaults and murders across the United States. They have similar intentions to the less extreme group, Humanity Front, though they accomplish their goals through violence, and not simple protesting.

Early in ''Human Revolution, ''they take over a Sarif Industries processing and assembly plant in Milwaukee|Milwaukee Junction, where the prototype Augmentations (DX3)|Typhoon Explosive System was being prepared for manufacturing. Adam Jensen is sent in to resolve the situation, and eventually finds Zeke Sanders, the group's leader. How the situation is resolved is up to the player.

==Behind the scenes==
*The principle of the anti-augmentation group was also used in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' with the Knights Templar.
*''Team Fortress 2'' features a mechanical arm called the "http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Purity_Fist Purity Fist" for the Heavy.
*The Purity First garb resembles garments worn by Christian monks.


Zeke.png|Zeke Sanders
purityfirstmember.png|Purity First member

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