Public Banking Terminal

Automated Teller Machines, called '''Public Banking Terminals''' in-game, are devices that allow users to perform financial transactions digitally, such as storing and withdrawing money, without a human clerk. If the player has both the login and password for an account, they may just enter these in and take the money with no risk of an alarm. In both Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War, ATMs can be hacked, and money can be taken from the accounts if the player has invested their skill points in the Computer skill. Hacking allows the player to take a certain amount of money, but like with computers, they will set off an alarm after a certain amount of time has passed. If they are trained, the player can use the ATM after their meter has passed the halfway mark, and they can only take 50% of the funds inside. If they are advanced, the player can use ATMs after the meter hits the 1/4 mark, and they may take all of the money on the account. At master level, the player may use the ATM almost instantly, and they can take 150% of the money in the account. Taking money has no consequences outside of the money the player earns.
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