Power Generator

File:Miscellany_Capture_1.jpg|thumb|400px|Seen in Panchaea
These portable power generators are found at many corporate headquarters and construction sites around the world.

Found powering a plethora of devices, from arc welders to temporary light sources, these are invaluable in any endeavor.

Most of the portable generators found within Deus Ex: Human Revolution seem to be provided by another company, Tao Shen Tech. It is rare to find one that is manufactured by Bobson Synthetics Group.

The reason for this is supposition, but a logical conclusion can be reached from the evidence provided in game. Tao Shen Tech might be the leading the market in generators because their prices beat competition like Bobson Synthetics Group. When taking into account the high-tech power solutions that BSG provides (i.e. Ammunition (DX3)|LINA Cells, Ammunition (DX3)|DPF Capsules) it could be safe to assume that their products are all equally top-of-the-line, and therefore expensive. This is further evidenced by the existence of most BSG portable generators existing in Panchaea, posssibly one of the most well-funded and advanced facilities in the world.