Pocket Secretary

A '''File:Pocketsecretary-icon.png|rightpocket secretary''' is an electronic storage device used in 2027, primarily used as a portable notebook, storing small amounts of written information. It is an ancestor of the datacube, a device used by 2052 that is capable of storing images in addition to text.
*Once read, a pocket secretary's contents will automatically be added to the Media Logs & Ebooks section in the in-game menu.
*Pocket secretaries seem to have the ability of sending written messages to other users, similar to the texting function in cellphones or e-mail functions in internet-capable devices, as some found in the game have 'This message has not yet been sent' displayed before the main content.
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==Similar to Deus ex 2 character?==
It seem Eliza is similar to NG Resonance fro Deus Ex 2, both a holographic representations of an an advanced AI that is dedicated to control and manipulation.

: Eliza's true form is also consistant with the other AI we see in Deus Ex.  In fact her screen makes her look a lot like Morpheus. (User:Omega2010|Omega2010 03:58, September 16, 2011 (UTC))

Elia Kazan is hardly famous for working with famous people like Marlon Brando, hes famous for making great movies that in turned made people like Marlon Brando, James Dean and Andy Griffith famous.
I wonder if anyone has tried using pheronomes on Brent. Although I rarely using them, I figured out his profile was Alpha and chose the "Appease" option convicing Brent to keep on living. In return, he promised that he would survive not because of our chat, but for revenge and truth telling Jensen that Sarif turned him into a real weapon. As soon as leave Brent's building (not just flat), you will contact Pritchard through infolink informing him of what Brent told you and also asking him to call an ambulance for Brent. At this moment I am not sure if Brent's rescue has any positive or negative influence on the storyline at a later stage.

User:Flamdring|Flamdring 20:12, September 4, 2011 (UTC)
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