'''Pistols''' are sidearms designed to be held and operated by one hand, with the other hand optionally supporting the shooting hand.



Zenith|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''

The Zenith is a polymer framed semi-automatic compact pistol developed by Steiner Bisley and is very popular in 2027. It's modular, equipped with a Picatinny rails system, and can also accept a sound suppressor. It's magazine only holds 10 rounds but its capacity can be increased. The weapon features orange Tritium-illuminated iron sights.

==Diamond Back .357 Revolver==

Diamond Back .357|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''

The Diamond Back is a break-action .357 magnum revolver produced by Mustang Arms. It is a novel pistol in that it uses detachable external magazines instead of the fixed rotating cylinders used almost universally in modern revolvers. This pistol breaks open to the side, instead of flipping down as in most break-action revolvers. It is confirmed that this weapon can use special .357 explosive rounds and will accept 5, 6, 7, or 8-round magazines.

==IMM Austin==

Pistol (DX)|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex''

The IMM Austin is a powerful sidearm used by paramilitary forces all over the world in 2052. It appears to be a semi-automatic with a single-stack magazine which uses the 10 mm auto cartridge.

==Stealth Pistol==

Stealth pistol|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex''

A special model of 10mm pistol rather rare in 2052. This is a different model than the IMM Austin, created for stealth situation and sports an integrated silencer, a much larger double-stack magazine, and a higher rate of fire. Not created for firearms combat, this pistol is hampered by a low damage threshold and mediocre accuracy.

==Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol==

Pistol (DX2)|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''

Developed by Mako Ballistics between 2052 and 2072, the Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol is a semi-automatic weapon that uses universal ammo. It also comes with a flashlight that does not consume bioenergy. The Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol seems to be the standard issue weapon for SSC, primarily in low-risk areas like Upper Seattle. They also appear to be popular with low-level criminals, such as the thugs in Lower Seattle.