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|name=Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol
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|alternatefire=Beam flashlight

{{Quote|A modern 9mm pistol, manufactured by Mako Ballistics. Alternate fire mode toggles a beam flashlight.|description of Pistol|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}

The '''Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol''' is a Weapons in Deus Ex: Invisible War|weapon in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

Developed by Mako Ballistics, it's a semi-automatic weapon that fires 9mm rounds and uses universal ammo. It also comes with a flashlight that does not consume bioenergy. The Mako Ballistics 9mm Pistol seems to be the standard issue weapon for SSC, primarily in low-risk areas like Upper Seattle. They also appear to be popular with low-level criminals, such as the thugs in Lower Seattle.

The pistol is accurate but does relatively little damage per shot, although it can put out a fair rate of fire. It is not a good weapon for general combat against anything stronger than basic human enemies, and combat-oriented players are well advised to pick up something more appropriate like the SMG or Shotgun.

The pistol does offer superior headshot damage, making it a better weapon for headhunter players with good aim. The boltcaster will appeal to pacifist players, and long distance kills are best left to the Sniper rifle (DX2)|sniper rifle, but a pistol modded with a silencer can do well for players who engage in wetwork up close.

==Unique variants==
*Red Greasel Hunter
*Assassin Pistol

==Behind the scenes==
*The first pistol intented by the developpers was the Mako Ballistics 10mm pistol, having a black color and a different barrel at the end compared to the Mako Ballistics 9mm pistol usable in-game.



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