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{{Quote|A standard Ammunition pistol.|description of Pistol|Deus Ex}}{{Weapon infobox
|name = IMM Austin|image = 10mmPistol.png|image size = 200|ammo1 = Ammunition ammo|ammo1type = Ballistic|damage = 14|clip = 6|rate = 1.6|recoil = 0.3|accuracy = 65|acc-range = 150|reload = 3|max-range = 300|skill = Pistol (Weapon skill)|Weapons: Pistol|mod_accuracy = 1|mod_clip = 1|mod_laser = 1|mod_range = 1|mod_recoil = 1|mod_reload = 1|mod_scope = 1}}

The '''IMM Austin''' is the most common firearm Weapons in Deus Ex|weapon in ''Deus Ex''.

The IMM Austin is a powerful sidearm used by paramilitary forces all over the world in 2052. It is a semi automatic with a single-stack magazine which uses the Ammunition auto cartridge.

By 2072, the 10mm IMM Austin has been generally replaced by Mako Ballistics' Pistol_(DX2)|9mm pistol.

It's generally an average weapon if completely unmodified; its accuracy makes it difficult to aim past short range (if you haven't upgraded your Pistol skills to ''Advanced''); its small magazine makes it difficult to kill multiple opponents before having to reload, and its recoil makes it difficult to fire follow-up shots with good accuracy. A vanilla 10mm pistol will serve its purpose as a sidearm, but is inefficient as a primary weapon.

Hovewer, if the pistol is upgraded, it can be extremely deadly. Accuracy upgrades will make the it almost as accurate as a Sniper rifle (DX)|sniper rifle, clip mods can give it a max of 11 rounds per magazine, recoil reducers can make it easy to fire quick follow-up shots, and a scope can turn it into a long-range weapon. An upgraded pistol can be extremely powerful as a primary or secondary weapon, but it has two drawbacks: 10mm ammo becomes rare near the end of the game, and the pistol cannot be silenced.

*Liberty Island, the player will spawn with this when he starts the game.
*Liberty Island, used by NSF and UNATCO troops.
*Majestic-12 laboratory, used by Majestic-12 guards.
*VersaLife, used by VersaLife security guards.

==Behind the scenes==
*Only named pistol in-game, the real name of this weapon is IMM Austin. It's shown on the slide of the pistol, clearly visible during the reloading.
*The name IMM Austin is a reference to the 1997 science fiction action-comedy film Wikipedia:Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery|Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.
*IMM Austin is also a reference to the Wikipedia:Glock pistol|Glock pistol since it have a similar design and its texture file is named "glock".

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