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|image = File:PhilipMead.png|220px
|name = Philip Riley Mead
||national = US American
|gender = Male
|hair = Grey
|appear = *''Deus Ex''
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*''Deus Ex: Human Revolution'' (mentioned)
|notable = President of the United States of America
|affiliation = *Majestic-12
|birth = 1986
}} {{Quote|CAPE CANAVERAL -- NASA scientists confirmed that the eroded remains of the Alba Patera crater on Mars precisely match the face of President Mead. "It's him!" declared Senior Planetary Specialist Kevlar Umla. "There's his nose, that ridge, see? See the crater rim marking his hairline? The way he combs his hair appearing in this region of parallel valleys?"
The White House had no comment. However, Martin Wisdom, president of EA (Enemies of Aliens), told Midnight Sun: "This is the evidence we have been looking for, a warning that Mr. Mead is not human. He is probably a Martian General, a war hero, come here to conquer the Earth with the assistance of the United Nations."|Mead from Mars!|Ryan Allan (Midnight Sun)}}
'''Philip Riley Mead''' is the President of the United States of America|United States in ''Deus Ex''. He has a wife named Rachel and daughter named Sarah.

As a young college student, Mead caught the attention of the Illuminati. In particular, he shared a special relationship with the Illuminatus Beth DuClare, who helped groom his political career.Deus Ex Bible In 2027, he was an outspoken Governor of the state of Florida, who urged the Congress to resume hearings on human augmentation and their legal ramifications after they were suspended following Doctor Megan Reed's presumed death.

Mead took opportunity after the 2051 terrorist attack on the Statue of Liberty to restrict civil rights, force the US Congress to allow UNATCO to deploy on US soil, and estabilish a permanent headquarters there. In his landmark State of the Union address, he declared that terrorist threat will not be tolerated. "Enough is enough!" He also decided that the Statue shall not be rebuilt and rather serve as a reminder that " terrorism must be eradicated if we are to be free."UNATCO Handbook, "UNATCO and the World"; Midnight Sun, "U.S. Prez Sells Out"

The views of the UNATCO occupation are divided. Some see it as a guarantee of peace and security, while the others (such as the popular tabloid "Midnight Sun|The Midnight Sun") are wary of foreign troops on US soil. However, they are all united in criticism of Mead's decision of paying late dues to the United Nations in the face of economic crisis, bringing the public approval of his administration down to 35%, placing him on par with George W. Bush's at the end of his second term.

In 2052, he defied the Congress three times by unilaterally paying the country's late dues to the United Nations. He was criticized by leaders of both Democrat and Republican parties. Senator Ridon wondered where he got the cash, suggesting an item unapproved by the Congress. Senator Osno Liverpoole accused him for betraying America: the Congress approved UNATCO presence in the US but did not write a blank check, as he said.Newspaper in UNATCO base

In accordance with Page's orders, Mead has also helped to ensure that the Gray Death has successfully spread throughout the lower classes whilst ensuring that the wealthy and influential have remained almost entirely unscathed by the epidemic. Those wealthy few who do somehow contract the "Gray Death" are quickly administered with a small dosage of the Ambrosia vaccine, specifically designed to prevent the spread of the virus amongst Page's chosen social elite. Mead's policies regarding the production of said vaccine have been the target of massive media and public scrutiny, as witnessed on many occasions by JC Denton throughout gameplay, due to the extremely unfair method of distribution. The first to receive the vaccine are important political and corporate leaders, followed by wealthy individuals such as doctors, lawyers, and celebrities. Finally, Page's enforcers, witting and unwitting alike, are administered with the vaccine on a monthly basis. This includes UNATCO operatives, Majestic 12 troopers, law-enforcement officers, and US Military personnel.

Later that same year, the White House was a site of an unsuccessful terrorist attack.'''O:''' Oooo, yes, we could find the terrorists that attacked the White House. They could terrorize me, and you could help.'''Toby Atanwe:''' Your President Mead survived the coup attempt, but he won't survive a national epidemic of the plague. It is unknown whether it was conducted by National Secessionist Forces|NSF, Majestic-12|MJ12, or a completely unrelated organization. Along with the Gray Death epidemic and public unrest thorough the country, this was a reason of announcing martial law. Following this decision, the social order in the US finally broke down with Governors, National Guard troops, U.S. military personnel, and the NSF uniting and rebelling against Mead. It is unknown what becomes of Mead after the events of the Collapse.

{{Quote|NEW YORK -- President Philip Riley Mead's executive order repaying the United States debt to the United Nations is viewed by many as a positive step towards global peace -- but others sense darker motives at work. Some sources have privately commented that the order is nothing more than a tacit endorsement of a new world government and its private military, the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO).
Few can forget Mead's impassioned declaration that the shattered Statue of Liberty would not be repaired but instead stand as a reminder that "terrorism must be eradicated if we are to be free." It was shortly thereafter that Liberty Island was selected as the location of UNATCO headquarters, their dubious charter highlighted by the mysterious and still largely unexplained circumstances behind the Statue bombing.
No doubt President Mead's words will be remembered, even as he sells out his country to the foreign powers that have sought to destroy it for nearly three centuries.|U.S. Prez Sells Out|Joe Greene (Midnight Sun)}}

==Behind the scenes==
Originally, Ion Storm planned a mission in the White House. In fact, the White House was a first map to be created. It was supposed to be heavy on story and conversations. However, after the changes of the story, it was scrapped. The decorations from the White House can be seen in the game in various places. While not being present in the gameplay, Mead and his wife can be seen in the intro sequence. Sarah Mead's model is used as a random schoolgirl.


File:DXHR_Mead.png|Philip Mead in 2027
sarah.png|Sarah, Mead's daughter
rachel.png|Rachel, Mead's wife
MeadPortrait.png|Mead's portrait in 2052


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