Pasadena Ocean Lab

The '''MJ12 Ocean Lab''', also known as the File:MJ12oceanlab.jpg|thumb|308px|The deepest part of the Ocean Labs before going underground. The room on the right contains the door to the mining area.'''MJ12 Sea Lab''', and '''MJ12 Sub Base''', is a location visited in Deus Ex. As its name implies, the facilities are a coastal and underwater laboratory owned by Majestic 12 and located on the "New" United States of America|California Coast following the 2030 Earthquake that sunk most of southern and baja California. The Lab was constructed in front of the SoCal SeaWall (a massive concrete wall hundreds of meters tall used to keep the ocean from flooding southwestern America) partially to allow easy sea access and partially to keep the lab secret. JC Denton is sent here by Gary Savage to collect the Containment Shield schematics for X-51's Universal Constructor following Tiffany Savage's failed attempted to steal the schematics herself. The "Sub Base", the first part of the base, consists of a large complex standing on tall Struts that houses several former X-51 scientists, MJ12 Troopers and MiB|Men in Black. This complex leads to a series of heavily guarded catwalks, and eventually to an elevator leading to the Sea floor, where Submarines can be taken to the True Ocean Lab.File:Subs.jpg|thumb|306px|Two Submarines held in a bay under the Sub Base. One of the Subs is currently being repaired for a broken rotor, but Walton Simons follows JC with this sub.

The Ocean Labs themselves are in bad shape. A rogue scientist named Ridley, who claimed to be an Illuminati sleeper agent, has sabotaged the base. After detonating several LAMs throughout the base and giving the base a crippling computer virus, much of it is flooded. Most of the Transgenics have broken out of their cages and the Turret|Security Systems are malfunctioning, murdering all of the Lab's residents. After traversing the Ocean labs, JC enters a mining area deep underground, and eventually finds the Universal Constructor repair area. This area is patrolled by one of the few Chiang Arcbot M5|Chiang M5s found in the entire game, but it is the last area visited. After finding the schematics, Bob Page will threaten to launch a nuclear warhead at Vandeberg, prompting JC to leave the base quickly. Once he re-enters the mining area, Walton Simons (accompanied with two MJ12 Frogman|frogmen) will attack the player. If JC does not kill Simons, he will reappear later in the game, at Area 51. Following JC's departure, the lab is taken over by X-51 personnel.
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