Page Industries

{{Organisation Infobox
|Box title = Page Industries
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|Row 1 title = Founder
|Row 1 info = Bob Page
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|Row 2 info = Bob Page
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|Row 3 info = Biotechnology
Computer hardware and software manufacturing
Robotics manufacturing
|Row 4 title = Headquarters |Row 4 info = Unknown |Row 5 title = Locations |Row 5 info = Worldwide |Row 6 title = Notable members |Row 6 info = - |Row 7 title = Related |Row 7 info = Majestic-12 }} '''Page Industries''' is a huge multinational corporation involved in several industries including robotics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, construction, cappicino makers, computer hardware and software manufacturing and defense for all the world between 2027 and 2052. ==Background== It was founded before 2027 and owned by the wikipedia:Philanthropy|philanthropist Bob Page. Page Industries was a major power behind the push for Nano-augmentation|nanotechnology, thanks to its subsidiary VersaLife and Majestic-12 organizations, and was a part of the enhancement project that JC Denton and Paul Denton went through. In 2052, Page Industries lost a furious bidding war with a rival organization to transport ore from a new Chinese mining operation on the moon. Sometime later, the first shipment of Ore failed to arrive due to the transport ship malfunctioning and crashing into Earth for strangely "unknown reasons". After 2052 with the death of Bob Page, Page Industries is assumed to have been disintegrated. ==Known products== *Page Bravo-3 Peacebringer *Page Delta-2 Peacebringer Category:Deus Ex organisations Category:Companies Category:MJ-12 Category:Deus Ex: Human Revolution organisations
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