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 |name     = Pacifist
 |summary  = Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without anyone dying by your hand. (Boss fights do not count.)  
 |points   = 100
 |location = Anywhere
 |image    = Dxhr achievement Pacifist.jpg
'''Pacifist '''is an Achievements and Trophies (DX3)|achievement/trophy in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It is earned by completing the game without anyone dying by your hand. (Excluding boss fights, which don't count toward this.)
The aim is to complete the game without killing anyone directly, or someone dying as a result of an action taken by the player. The '''only''' exception to this is the boss fights where killing the boss is permitted while preserving the ability to obtain this achievement. '''Killing enemy soldiers during a boss fight will lock out this achievement.'''

This achievement starts from the first moment of the game, when Adam Jensen is not yet augmented; '''killing anyone in the prologue chapter will lock out this achievement'''.

Unfortunately if you lock out the achievement by accident, unless you are aware that you did so and reload an old save, there is no indication that you have done so and may end up playing through the game and not get the achievement due to killing a character earlier in the game.

Obtaining this achievement is not as hard it sounds; even in Hard difficulty it is quite straight forward. The important thing that is you need to check every single body that you take down to ensure that they are only passed out (indicated by the "zZ" icon in the HUD which appears when looking at the body), rather than dead (indicated by the Skull icon). There appear to be certain situations where you will receive the "Merciful Soul" notification, but the target will show a Skull icon upon inspection; additionally, moving bodies which have been unconscious for some time will result in them changing from "Zz" to "Skull," but neither situation impacts obtaining Pacifist.

There will be times where kills may occur by accident, including:
*Wall-punching should done with extreme caution, as punching through a weak wall with the brief cut scene showing Adam breaking the neck of the character behind that wall will result in a kill. So keep an eye on your radar.
**Notice the sparks emitting from the Arm Augmentation when attempting a wall-punch. If it gives off steam and visible white sparks, IMMEDIATELY reload, as this is a clear indication of someone being behind the wall.
*Pushing a character off a ledge onto the floor below may result in a kill if done above a certain height (0.5 stories or higher).
*Dragging an unconscious body down a long flight of stairs may result in a kill.
*Pushing a character onto a proximity mine (resulting in its detonation) will result in a kill.
*Be careful when using non-lethal takedowns on opponents near hazards (e.g. electrified water, poison gas), as the knocked out opponent may fall into the hazard and die.
*Dropping a Diamond Chan|character to his death in order to secure an The Fall|achievement will result in a kill. However, said character may not always be registered as dead and will still allow the achievement to progress.
*Turning the bots and turrets against enemies by hacking terminals may result in a kill.
*Exploding bots may result in a kill. If the message “Self-destruct sequence initiated” played before explosion then any kills as a result of this event will not lock out pacifist achievement. Bots explosions killing enemies outside of self-destructing will count as a direct kill and prevent player from getting the pacifist achievement. 
*Not giving a weapon to van Bruggen may result in a kill. (confirmed NOT, you can safely let him die)
*Shooting a target in the head using a Tranquilizer rifle|PAX-22 may result in a kill. Shooting the guard outside Double-T's apartment before and after he gives the warning cutscene results in a kill rather than a knockout. This also applies to the P.E.P.S., so be careful.
*The knockback from a P.E.P.S. explosion can kill an enemy if it made them hit an object a certain distance away. A flying character that hits a standing character in this manner will kill them both, resulting in two kills even if the first one was tossed within the "safe distance".
If you kill someone you can reload from the last save (assuming that that save file doesn't contain a situation where you've locked out the achievement previously). So if you're going for this achievement it is important to save often.

In larger areas it is better to avoid confrontation if at all possible in order to save tranquilizer ammo or energy expelled from takedowns.

Investing in advanced Stealth augmentation upgrades will also help in moving around.

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