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|skill=Weapon skill: Pistol|Weapons: Pistol
|image = PS20.jpg}} {{Quote|The PS20 is a disposable, Plasma rifle (DX)|plasma-based weapon developed by an unknown security organization as a next generation stealth pistol. Unfortunately, the necessity of maintaining a small physical profile restricts the weapon to a single shot. Despite its limited functionality, the PS20 can be lethal at close range.|description to PS20|Deus Ex}}
The '''PS20''' is a single shot self defence weapon that uses the pistol skill. It appears in ''Deus Ex''.

The PS20 could be related to the Plasma rifle (DX)|plasma rifle as a "smaller cousin," or could be a completely separate weapon system.

By 2052, the PS20 was designed to replace the Stealth pistol|10mm stealth pistol, however it is restricted to only one shot due to its compactness.

==Game item==
It's hard to think of any actual use for this weapon. It has 100% accuracy but neither scope nor laser sight, so it would be difficult to use it past short range. The damage is not good enough to take out anyone without scoring a headshot. It can be used for breaking doors and setting off explosives, though.

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