|name=Pulsed Energy Projection System
|category=Non-lethal, short-ranged
|ammo=Ammunition_(DX3).P.S_energy_pack|PEPS Energy Pack
|size=8 inventory slots (4x2)
|buy=750 Credits 
The '''P.E.P.S.''' is a Weapons in Deus Ex: Human Revolution|weapon in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.

The P.E.P.S. (Pulsed Energy Projection System) is a modern non-lethal weapon made by Connaught, an Asian company. This weapon is slightly larger than a pistol. It does not use bullets, but rather a form of directed energy.

It emits an invisible laser pulse which, upon contact with the target, ablates the surface and creates a small amount of exploding plasma. This produces a pressure wave that stuns the target and knocks them off their feet, and electromagnetic radiation that affects nerve cells causing a painful sensation. The magazine appears to be a double tank like a printer cartridge in two colors. One magazine allows one shot, and is inserted at the top of the weapon. Later in the game a P.E.P.S. with 3-round magazine can be found.

*It is first found in the Armory at the Police Precinct in Detroit.
*One can be found behind a locked fence gate in the Tai Yong facility after the first elevator ride in a locker.
*Another can be found inside a locked storage room to the right of the apartment complex you need to break into in Hengsha. The keypad must be hacked.
*One can be found in the Upper Managment section of Tai Yong Medical in a locker in a Security office.
*One can be found in the Armory in the Picus Montreal office before reaching room 802-11.
*One can be found on Panchaea inside a blockaded room.
*A 3 round clip version can be found in the Armory in the same room as the GPL jammer soon after Jensen awakens from the stasis pod.
(Grayson on the second visit to Detroit)

The P.E.P.S. does not support standard upgrade packages.

While a non-lethal weapon, the P.E.P.S. is not silent like the PAX-22 Tranquilizer Rifle. The loud, bright energy pulse it emits can usually be detected by nearby guards, and it won't knock out targets unless used at point blank range, although "point blank" can be as far as the Stun gun|stun gun's maximum range depending on the enemy's HP. If the weapon is fired from medium range, the blast will still stun people, knocking them off their feet and making them vulnerable for a few seconds. This can allow the player to follow up with another weapon, perform a Take down|take down, or run away. The P.E.P.S. is best used where the player does not wish to kill the target, but at the same time does not need to keep a low profile. In non-pacifist runs, the P.E.P.S. can also be useful for temporarily incapacitating a room full of people in one shot. Note that the P.E.P.S. shoots through enemies, instead of creating a blast effect like one would expect from an energy weapon, making it extremely effective against large amounts of enemies in hallways.

The P.E.P.S. can also be used to move large objects, if the player doesn't have the Augmentations_(DX3) | Move/Throw Heavy Objects augmentation. However, those attempting pacifist runs should take note that heavy objects thrown in this manner ''can'' (and most likely will) kill anyone they strike. This may or may not count as a kill rather than a non-lethal takedown.

==Behind the scenes==
*The P.E.P.S. uses the technology of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsed_Energy_Projectile Pulsed Energy Projectile (PEP).


PEPS2.png|PEPS in use
Peps-inventoryicons.png|PEPS inventory icons
PEPS.png|PEPS specs
PEPSV.png|The PEPS View model

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