Osgood and Sons Imports

File:Osgood.png|thumb|350px|A UNATCO trooper patrols outside the warehouse.
The '''Osgood and Sons Imports''' is a chain of warehouses in Hell's Kitchen, New York City in Deus Ex. Their warehouses must be visited on the players first and third trips to Hells Kitchen. The first Warehouse can be found across the street from the 'Ton Hotel, and down the street from the city park. There is another building in the Warehouse District, but it is only visited once.
The Hell's Kitchen warehouse consists of a central room containing stacked crates, and a basement level guarded by Laser Tripwires and Turrets. The staircase leading down to the basement has a window which can be broken to avoid the NSF terrorist patrolling the main room. The basement route will reward the player with more skill points, and it will house an elevator that leads to the Warehouse District roofs, heavily populated with NSF terrorists, while the main room leads to the Alleys under the District, which are trapped with several LAMs.
==Events of Deus Ex==
The player can get the code (3316) to the warehouse from Janey as she tells him that the warehouse is the hideout of the NSF officer JoJo Fine, not knowing that JoJo had already slip out prior to JC Denton|JC's arrival to the city. On the player's first visit, they must go through the first Warehouse to reach the warehouse district, an area of Hell's Kitchen that leads to another warehouse which is used by the NSF to house an EMP generator. UNATCO and the NSF have a firefight outside the building, which UNATCO almost always wins. On the second visit, this warehouse is declared a crime scene and closed for inspection. Some time after the USA|US declared martial law, the building is burned down during rioting and all that remains is the charred foundation. Stanton Dowd will hide here on the last visit to Hells Kitchen.
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