Optical Enhancement Functionality

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is an eBook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found on a desk in The Hive nightclub's security room.

Darrow Industries developmental study, 2017.

Our core vision enrichment enhancements implant the human eye with a series of suspended organic-plastic lenses using embedded circuitry, tied into a nanoscale neural spike that is attached to the optic nerve.

Beyond the simple optical functionality of the basic module, with provision for an implanted miniature lens array for visual acuity at extended range, there are line enhancements that can become accessible to the implantee after training and/or experiential operation - specifically, the development of autonomic environment parsing. This can include the most basic level of interface with a so-called “heads-up display” or in more advanced modes, a literal predictive understanding of electronic systems and related environmental cues.

In addition, the basic enhanced man is automatically protected from a variety of hazardous visual impairment vectors - damage from flash effects, “retina burn” and other similar occurrences.

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