Omega Ranch

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The '''Omega Ranch''' is a research facility in Singapore and a location in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''.

==Deus Ex: Human Revolution==
In 2008, the ranch begins to take shape with support from the United Nations and several major biotech companies, including VersaLife. Leading the development, the World Health Organization (WHO) begins construction on the new centre that will pave the way for research into viral genetics and biological sciences.

The ranch is a huge site with high security, multiple laboratories with different research areas, support facilities and a residential complex. In 2009, the Disease Control Initiative opened the door to doctors from around the world. The structure, however, is subject to technical problems, difficulty in obtaining the material and lack of funds. The pressure on men grew up as the WHO when in 2018, a terrible accident happened. A leak in a containment barrier caused the spread of a modified variant of the H5N1 virus. Malaysia is hit by the epidemic and the dead are dozens of thousands. In 2021, Hugh Darrow acquires the property through a subsidiary.

After his second visit to Hengsha, Adam Jensen stows away in a cryo pod aboard a XNG Shipping Company vessel. Three days later, he wakes up in an unfamiliar locale, revealed to be the Omega Ranch biotech labs in Singapore.

It is revealed that this is the place where the Sarif Industries scientists were taken after the attack by the Tyrants six months earlier. Here, they were forced to work for the Illuminati on creating a new type of biochip based on Megan Reed|Megan Reed's research, one which would limit the abilities of Mechanical augmentation|mechanically augmented people. The biochip was mass-produced by Tai Yong Medical and distributed through the LIMB clinic worldwide after people began to experience glitches in functionality of their enhancements.

However, after talking with the other Sarif scientists to create a distraction (which meant he confronted Zhao Yun Ru and Namir who Jensen defeats) he confronts Dr. Reed. It is revealed by Dr. Reed that the facility is owned by Hugh Darrow who has other plans for the biochip, having seen how divided humanity had become since the introduction of augmentations. He convinced Dr. Reed to make specific modifications under the auspices that her actions would prevent the Illuminati from using their shut-down signal. In reality, Darrow's alterations caused the augmented people to experience horrible hallucinations, driving them mad which caused the people in Panchaea to become violent killing each other. In doing so, Darrow hoped to show the world the danger of human augmentation technologies, and that humankind's evolution should continue without them.

*Rescuing Megan and Her Team


WHOstatue-omegaranch.png|World Health Organization monument at the Omega Ranch
Omegaranchposter.png|Omega Ranch poster

==Easter Eggs==
On the top floor of the Main Facility, In office G-36, there is Dwayne Crosby's computer. The second email on his computer is about a prank that has been pulled on him. At the end of the email there is a P.S that reads "I am still awaiting the return of my stapler (I know you have it Jim)". The name Dwayne is a homage the the character from The Office, Dwight. The second homage is to the fact that Dwight on The Office is pranked by a man named Jim, who once encased Dwight's stapler in jello.

You can find Final Fantasy XXVII posters at Omega Ranch team quarters in the beginning.

There are emails from OMEGA_ADMIN to OMEGA_ALL on some of the computers that contain almost exact transcripts of parts of the announcer speech to Gordon Freeman during the automated train intro of Half-Life. e.g.: ''"Due to the high toxicity of materials routinely handled in the compound, no smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted outside of designated safety zones."''

In room B-21 there are 2 guards. There is a pocket secretary on the table behind them. On it is a conversation between two brothers. One brother is named "Cpl Dwayne Hicks". Cpl Dwayne Hicks was the lead Colonial Marine in the blockbuster movie "Aliens".

In the room next to the room where Nia Colvin is held is another computer. It contains an e-mail from The e-mail itself is the so-called Nigerian Scam, with 419@ being a reference to the alternative name of the scam, "Nigerian 419 scams".

In the cutscene in which Adam reunites with Megan, there is an easter egg on the TV screen that momentarily appears during the dialogue. During a Picus TV broadcast, the ticker at the bottom reads "Pirates have been spotted off the coast of Tortuga", a reference to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Also, there is another easter egg in the ticker from the Picus TV broadcast when reuniting with Megan momentarily. It reads "'So You Think You Can Dodge Traffic' has been cancelled by TV officials". This is in comic referrence to "So You Think You Can Dance" and relays possible feelings about the show overall.

There is an email from a Raj Mahjibidan to a JC Ferraris talking about a young asian girl and how tests performed on her didn't show 'any activity in the cortical neurons'. This may be a reference to a well known line from the TV show Firefly ("We applied the cortical electrodes but were unable to get a neural response").
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