Old China Hand

File:Canals.png|thumb|350px|The Old China Hand, a bar located on the waterfront.
The '''Old China Hand''' is a waterfront bar located in the Hong Kong Hong Kong Canals|Canals. Although it is not plot-vital to Deus Ex like the Versalife building or Wan Chai Market, visiting it may yield some interesting items and characters.
==Deus Ex==
The Old China Hand is located on a wooden pier at the far end of the left canal. To reach it, take an immediate left when coming from the Luminous Path Compound and Buddhist temple. There should be several signs on the way there.

In the bar, there is an unnamed woman, man and bartender. The man will approach the player thinking they are Paul Denton, then cut the conversation when they realize that the player is JC. The Bartender, who heavily resembles Isaac, will sell the player consumables and give small-talk. Some items of use can be found in the Kitchen.
The Old China Hand is the only way to get into the collapsed Hong Kong Canal Road Tunnels|Canal Road Tunnels. To reach them, some crates must be climbed in the meat locker, and then a girder must be crawled across to reach an air vent; this is fairly difficult, as the floor in the freezer is slippery. Once in the air vent, there is a fairly linear route to the Tunnels. Once the player enters the tunnels, they may see two Supply crate|crates holding rebreathers trapped under several pipes. To reach these rebreathers, exit to the canals, and swim through one of the smaller tunnels. In the middle, on the floor there is a small hole which can be crawled into to reach the crates.
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