Old Cairo

File:Medina.png|thumb|340px|{{Quote|Attention residents of Old Cairo. The particle haze you are experiencing does not pose a health threat.

Repeat: the haze appears to contain only mildly parasitic nanoscale fallout. Cover your mouth and nose when traveling outdoors, but rest assured: the danger is minimal.|Deus Ex: Invisible War}}'''Old Cairo''' is a location in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

Much like Seattle, after the Collapse a portion of Cairo was bought by the WTO and was incorporated. This land is now solely occupied by the Cairo Arcology|Arcology, a massive building that can support its residents entirely by itself. Any part of Cairo outside of the Arcology is called Old Cairo or the '''Cairo Medina'''. Cairo was one of the first cities to be incorporated, and boasts one of the most impressive Tarsus Academy|Tarsus Academies in the world. The two differ greatly in architecture, public welfare, technology, crime, and wealth, again paralleling the relationship between Upper Seattle|Upper and Lower Seattle|Lower Seattle.

Where the Arcology features contemporary architecture in large, open areas organized by floor, the medina still uses more archaic, traditional architecture dating back to the 800's. Here most walkways are too cramped to hold more than a few people comfortably, and wind around town in a confusing road system. Because of heavy Knights Templar|Templar presence inside, the Omar solely operate outside the Arcology, though they do have connections inside, namely the receptionist of the Cairo airport.

==Nanite Swell 11==
The Medina is currently plagued by Nanite Swell 11, a cloud of escaped Nanites created in pre-Collapse nanotech labs that were shut down. These nanites fly through the air and into peoples bodies, effectively giving the citizens Gray Death. Several citizens sell cures, from respirators to cure-all drinks. On his first visit to Cairo, Alex D. has the option to confront Christopher Ubair and release Nanoformer|Nanoformer bots into the atmosphere, ending the nanite swell and saving old cairo.

*Free Helipad - Found above a cafe in the medina. Ava Johnson will land here if the player has hired her as a pilot.
*Order Mosque - A former Mosque now occupied by the The Order|Order Church and some medical staff providing relief for Nanite Swell 11 victims.
*Nassif Greenhouse - A major job provider and food source for the Medina owned by Maskini Nassif, Leila Nassif's uncle. The WTO asks Alex to destroy it.
*A Biomod harvester and his armed bodyguard, '''Tariq''' live behind a gate in town. He will hire Alex to kill the Arcology SSC chief.
*Medina Apartments - Hotel complex home to the entire Cairo branch of the Omar, the Nassif family, and several Templars plotting to kill the Omar.
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