{{Character_Infobox|image = File:Officer Nicholas.png|230px
|name = Nicholas
||national = American
|gender = Male
|hair = Light brown
|eyes = Green
|rank = Police Officer
|appear = Deus Ex: Human Revolution
|friends = Adam Jensen||affiliation = Detroit Police Station|Detroit City Police Department
|voice = Shawn Baichoo}}
Officer '''Nicholas''' is a character in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. He is a police officer in Detroit, involed in the Smash the State sidequest.

Nicholas was a rookie during Adam Jensen|Adam Jensen's time as a SWAT officer, and still appears to be inexperienced, making a nervous or even scared impression when encountering dangerous situations. He was assigned to riot control in 2027, when the violent protests against biotech companies broke out worldwide, but got word from a street informant that Jacob White, a member of the Motor City Bangers who has recently gotten more and more violent, is planning to bomb the Detroit Police Station while most of the force is distracted by the riots.

Officer Nicholas wants to stop him, but the police department is too focused on the protests, prompting him to ask Jensen to check the area surrounding the Police Station and find the criminal, as soon as he recognizes him leaving the Detroit Convention Center. If the Social Enhancer (Omega) is used on him, he will narrow the possible bomb locations from three to two.
*If Jensen finds and takes care of White without killing him, Nicholas rewards him with 1000 credits and a silencer.
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