New York Voice

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===SOCIETY: Party Against Tomorrow===
New York Voice -- Kwesi Dodi

As the rich flee the city in droves by car and -- horror of horrors, bus (needs must when the devil drives and the airports are closed) -- the rest of us are left to wallow in the empty crypt that has become our city. The sick and homeless shamble about as if they just left a casting call for " Night of the Living Dead," and the cops obviously came from next door where they're filming a classic 1990's Michael Bay action flick. Really, the whole thing is too much. And what does Kwesi recommend when it gets to be too much? Why party, of course!

It's not with historical precedent, children. Those of you without zyme-addled attention spans may remember Boccacio's classic _ Decameron_ (and that's Boccacio the 14th century writer, and not Boccacio the jungle-thud DJ tripmaster), where a bunch of young, hottie Florentines decided to flee another one of these boring little plagues and hole up with a few too many bottles of wine, tell outrageous stories, and have a go at each other once in a while.

So, speaking only for Kwesi, I'm going to invite over about 80 of my nearest and dearest -- soon to be nearer and dearer -- with all the food and recreational drugs they can carry, then lock the doors. Good night, children!
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