New York City


'''New York''' is one of the cities visited by JC Denton in ''Deus Ex''.

In 2052, New York is the symbolic center of America, remaining mindful of its past but dedicated towards realizing its future but it is also one of the principal target of the NSF. At this year, Battery Park was closed to all unauthorized personnel until further notice due to unidentified terrorist action and the venerable Brooklyn Naval Yards christened a new, state-of-the-art sub pen whose Bob Page subsidiaries handled many of the contracts for the construction of the new building.

*Battery Park
*Hell's Kitchen
*LaGuardia Airport
*Liberty Island
*Mole People Tunnels

*New York is a major location in the game with independent visits. The player begins his first mission on Liberty Island before moving on to Battery Park and Hell's Kitchen. After reporting back to UNATCO, JC returns to Battery Park in order to travels through the Mole People Tunnels to reach LaGuardia Airport. JC Denton's later visits to New York only include missions in Hell's Kitchen.

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