New Sons of Freedom

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The '''New Sons of Freedom''', abbreviated as '''NSF''', is a small militant constitutionalist and secessionist organisation operating in the United States, although particularly strong in the Pacific northwest states of the country.


The group was formed because of increased public perception that the United States government was becoming an authoritarian regime. The discussion of FEMA camps built to imprison the masses in the event of an emergency and the possibility of augmentations used to build 'super soldiers' to police the people were two factors that led to its formation.


The NSF is committed to fight the influence and control of the Illuminati with guerrilla warfare. Examples are the bombing of the Capitol of the state of Washington in Olympia at the hands of Joshua Korbin, and the rescue mission of William Taggart|William "Bill" Taggart of Humanity Front during a conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The NSF has been able to fly under the radar of most intelligence agencies, thanks to its close ties and history with the cyberterrorist organisation known as the Juggernaut Collective.


*The naming of the organisation is a reference to the '''Sons of Liberty''', an American patriot organisation founded in 1766.

*The organisation is the predecessor of the ''Northwest Secessionist Forces'' formed in 2031 and later the National Secessionist Forces.
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