Neil Townsend

|name = Neil Townsend
|national = American
|gender = Male
|height = 
|weapons = Combat rifle
|appear = Deus Ex: Human Revolution
|affiliation = Detroit Police Station|Detroit Police Department
|image = File:DXHR_SWAT_Comm_Milw.png|230px
|hair = Black
|eyes = Brown
||birth = 2000||rank = Sergeant
|voice= Christian Paul}}

'''Neil Townsend''' is a SWAT team commander in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution.''

Townsend is in command of the police units at Milwaukee Junction factory, during the attack by Purity First radicals. He is reluctant to be kept back by David Sarif, considering it to be a waste of human life, but holds the position nonetheless. He can be questioned by Adam Jensen for tactical information about the Purity First terrorists, hostages, SWAT's plan of action and terrorists' demands.

During the second visit to Detroit, he can be found by a large riot shield in front of the Sarif Industries headquarters.
*He is only referred by name in the Picus TV|Picus newspaper after the Milwaukee Junction mission.

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