Nassif Greenhouse

The '''Nassif Greenhouse''' is a large building dedicated to the cultivation and harvest of plants owned by the Nassif Family. Due to both the desert climate of Cairo, and the WTO-controlled local economy, this greenhouse was one of the largest job and nourishment providers for most of the Old Cairo|Medina, until the WTO assassinated the owner, Maskini Nassif|Maskini Nassif's brother for dodging tax and regulation. Maskini now owns the greenhouse, but it is currently deserted and guarded by several high-grade security Bots. The WTO will send Alex Denton here to eliminate Nassif's plants. If Alex manages to kill the plants, an Order Church strike team will attack him on his way out, but afterwards the Church will still begrudgingly remain neutral (enough to not shoot Alex on sight, at least). The front door is guarded by Security camera|Cameras, Turrets, and SP69/75 Aero security bot|SP69/75 Aero Security bots. Light spider bots and CC-75 Security bots both guard the interiors, and multiple Laser Tripwires can also be found as traps. The Hellfire Boltcaster can be found on a balcony overlooking the Greenhouse.
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