Nano-Augmentation Pipedream, or Theory for The Future?

'''Nano-Augmentation: Pipedream, or Theory for The Future?''' is an eBook in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. It can be found in Greg Thorpe|Greg and Josie Thorpe's apartment, next to their bed.


By Hugh Darrow

Excerpt from a paper in NeoNature, September 2022

We've been throwing the word "nanotechnology" around for decades yet, despite only our bests effort, we are only inching closer to that molecular-scale frontier when in fact we should be racing towards it. In the decades to come, the enhanced beings -- post humans who are our progeny -- will look at the mechanical devices we rudely bolted onto our living flesh or buried inside our grey matter, and they will mock us for our crudity. They will look upon what we have made with the same curiosity, the same disinterest, as the pilot of a veetol aircraft would look upon an ox cart.

The future of human augmentation lies in the small - in fact, the smallest. In the next thirty years, the molecular frontier will be broken and true nano-scalar programming and biological reorientation will be possible. There will be no tedious instances of severing limbs to replace them with steel proxies. We will drink in these tiny machines, inject them - and be transformed.
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