NG Resonance

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|image = File:NGResonance.png|220px
|name = NG Resonance
|national=US American
|gender = Female
|weapons =
|hair = Blond with black
|eyes = Light brown
|augment = None
|appear = ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''
|notable = International pop star
|affiliation =
|friends =
|voice = Free Dominguez}}

'''NG Resonance''' is an international pop star in 2072, popular with young and old alike.

NG Resonance is a young international pop star by 2072 whose Artificial Intelligence|AI construct of her utilizes special kiosks around the world - a free way for them to enjoy lively one-on-one interaction with a fake copy of their idol and report crimes to the authorities. But they principally use such tools for the WTO to spy on its residents, recording their conversations, without the knowledge of the actual NG Resonance.

While the AI is a good listener, friendly, affable, curious, and extremely knowledgeable, the real person is a total contrast to her AI copies, acting spoiled and bratty with her bodyguards. She is an inconsiderate and immature woman, having in fact no respect for her fans. For those who cannot afford NG Resonance kiosks, holo jukeboxes of her also exist, but do not feature the AI, instead acting like a normal jukebox and not as a tool of WTO.

Her music album includes the following songs:
*Taxi Cab Messiah


*Kiosks and jukeboxes playing her music can be found throughout the world, such as the Greasel Pit Bar|Greasel Pit and the Nine Worlds Tavern. In WTO-controlled places, such as the Upper Seattle|Seattle Enclave and the Cairo Arcology, they are emplaced at social centers.
*The player can converse with these holo kiosks in the same manner as other characters. In Trier, the AI will discuss the latest developments and offer a counselling of sort. The AI also gathers intelligence for law enforcement purposes, and will pay the player for it.
*On the player's first visit to Cairo, they have the option of paying off NG's manager to endorse Pequod's or Queequeg's.
*The player can report the Club Vox owner's black market activities and Silas Archer's plot to kill Tarsus students, among others.
*The player doesn't actually meet NG until his second visit to the Cairo Arcology near the end of the game, where she is hiding from Knights Templar in a maintenance bay with her bodyguards in an airport hangar.


NGResonanceAdd.png|An NG Resonance ad.
NGResonanceHoloKiosk.png|An NG Resonance holo kiosk.
NGResonanceHoloKiosk2.png|Alex Denton (male) talking with an NG Resonance holo kiosk.
NGResonanceHoloJukeboxe.png|An NG Resonance holo jukebox.

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