'''Multitools''' are a electronic device using electromagnetic resonance detection and frequency modulation to dynamically alter the flow of current through a circuit. 

The multitool was created for bypassing basic security tech, like keypads or security cameras, and with the nanite version in 2072, it can also unlock the locks. A multitool's resources are finite, and when a tool is depleted it becomes useless. It's ineffective on complex systems, like bots or security computers.



Multitool (DX)|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex''

A standard multitool with a telecommand design. It use electromagnetic resonance detection and produces frequency modulation directly. Very common in 2052, it will be replaced by the nanite multitool in 2072.

==Nanite multitool==

Multitool (DX2)|Gameplay articles: ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''

An all-purpose multitool, with a design similar to the Lockpick. It was created between 2052 and 2072 and uses nanotechnology for electromagnetic resonance detection, creating frequency modulation, and ultimately to bypass high-end nanolocks, the previous function of the lockpick.