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'''Montreal''' (French: Montréal) is the second largest city in Canada and the largest city in the province of Quebec. It is seen twice in the Deus Ex series: in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution'' and in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution (comics)''.
==Events in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (comics)==
Adam Jensen flies to Montreal in search of Katrina Sutherland, to help find his former team commander turned psychotic killer Quincy Durant. At her hotel room they are ambushed by several well-equipped attackers, led by Durant. Jensen nearly kills him after a fight, but he escapes. Jensen and Sutherland leave for Detroit soon after.

==Events in Deus Ex: Human Revolution==
Jensen visits Montreal again in search of Eliza Cassan, to find out more about the Tyrants. After investigating the abandoned Picus Communications building, and surviving an ambush by augmented Belltower agents, Jensen rides a funicular to a secret Illuminati facility hidden under the Picus building. At the bottom, he kills Yelena Fedorova, learns that Cassan is actually an advanced AI, and discovers that Isaias Sandoval was involved in the attacks on Sarif Industries.

==Locations in Montreal==
===Picus Communications===
Picus Communications is based in Montreal, specifically in the tower of the Montreal Olympic Stadium.

*Although the Picus building is the only part of the city visited in ''Human Revolution'', Eidos Montréal once planned to have a large "Hub" level, similar to Hengsha and Detroit. Although it was not as close to finalization as Upper Hengsha was before getting cut, some concept art and basic level design had already been discussed.

{{quote|It’s got very specific architecture called tri-plexes with twirling exterior staircases made of this old metal. It is very specific to Montreal. We’ve drawn concept of art how these streets would look in 20 to 30 years from now. We even tried them in game. Walking around them felt quite special – that architecture has never been in a game before… it was really cool.|Jonathan Jacques-Belletete}}
*Strangely, the CN Tower is visible in the skyline when you are on the rooftop of Picus. In real life, it is impossible to see the CN Tower from downtown Montreal, as it is nearly 400 miles away. Eidos probably put this in as the CN Tower is widely considered the emblem of Canada.
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