Mole People


{{Quote|''"After the quakes, the homeless people drifted down here. Junkies, runaways, grifters; theres a DSS file a mile long on this place. Some of them- the so-called Mole People- have permanent living quarters in an adjacent tunnel system not on my map."''|Alex Jacobson}}

Although it is never fully clarified in game, "'''Mole People'''" is more often than not used as a catch-all term for both homeless people who moved into the abandoned New York City|NYC subway tunnels, and those who live in the "True" Mole People Tunnels, an even more exclusive tunnel system of former sewers and maintenance chambers hidden between the subway tunnels and the local LaGuardia Airport. There are 3 known entrances to the tunnels; a drainage pipe under LaGuardia Airport, a sewage system leading to a helipad at the airport, and a phone booth under Battery Park that also serves as a maintenace elevator for the nearby subway. The phone booth has to be opened by typing a special code into the keypad - 6653 (M-O-L-E), and this can be found by talking to Curly, a mole living in Battery Park. New York Subway Tunnel residents and true Mole People are separated by a hidden door in the women's restroom; a certain code must be entered into a keypad under the sink to open it. In turn, the Mole People are separated from the LaGuardia Sewers by a hidden door in another locked restroom. The mole people must have connections with the NSF, as they allow troops into the tunnel to store their stolen Ambrosia and move it to the airport. They must also be well hidden, as the subway has not been found by the public or the government yet, though both know that it exists. Even fewer know of the real tunnels, as only one junkie in the subway knows how to get in or speaks of it. The mole people are never mentioned again in Deus Ex, probably because JC Denton|JC defects from UNATCO after the tunnels and doesnt return to Battery Park, but they are probably raided by UNATCO, after discovering them through JC's Infolink.

The subway tunnels are home to several junkies, Rock, a Mechanical augmentation|mechanically-augmented Zyme Dealer, and a gang known as the Rooks that has connections with a dirty UNATCO agent, likely Shannon or Kaplan|Tech Sergeant Kaplan. The deepest Mole people tunnels, almost entirely sewer areas, are not inhabited by any notable characters, except for several NSF terrorists and two 100101 small security bot moving through.

*Kevin Bradley is the ''de facto'' "head" of the mole people. He can give the player information on the leader of the NSF group in the tunnels.
*Charlie Fann is a mole person that can give the player a side-quest to fix a water system.
*Curly's journal is a book belonging to the mole Curly that contains the access code to the Mole People's underground passageways.
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