File:DX3_MiniSub.png|thumb|200px|A suspended mini-sub in Human RevolutionA '''Mini-sub''', or miniature submarine, is a relatively small submersible, designed for the transport of cargo and personnel and exploration of large bodies of water. Once being the product of war and outfitted for violent engagements, they were redesigned for modern times to serve as deep-sea exploratory equipment, such as those seen in ''Deus Ex'' and ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution.''

Unlike the tactical submarines of old and new, mini-subs boast many significant differences: radial arms instead of torpedo tubes and tactical nukes, a bright color scheme such as white or yellow as apposed to the darker blue or black, and generally weighing no more than 150 tons where the largest submarines of the modern fleets can displace up to 48,000 tons.
==Deus Ex==
File:Subs.jpg|thumb|200pxThe only instance where a mini-sub is seen in Deus Ex is during JC Denton's trip to the Pasadena Ocean Lab. He briefly boards one in order to retrieve some very important schematics from the base on the sea floor, and then again to return to the surface.  Walton Simons, one of the games antagonists, also uses one in order to confront JC.

It is one of three vehicles in-game that are animated, as JC is leaving an area, the most common of which is the well known SH-187 stealth helicopter |black helicopter.  Also, as it is fully automated and its only use is transportation, it may be considered closer to being a http://bathyscaphe bathyscaphe than a mini-sub.
==Human Revolution==
There are two instances where a mini-sub is seen in Human Revolution. The first is in Panchaea, suspended in a small sub bay, near David Sarif and a few other civilians. It is seen emitting a mist of some type, a possible explanation being that it is warming up and being prepared for departure by the inhabitants of the bay.  The second instance involves seeing several docked mini-subs during The Missing Link DLC, during a trip in an elevator down to the Rifleman Bank Station sea-floor labs.  If the player saves Tiffany Kavanagh |Dr. Kavanagh, it is said that she escapes on one, but this is never actually shown or proven.
== Background ==
DX3 Vehicle, seen all over Hengsha, unknown maker.
== Licensing ==
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== Chinese transcription ==

I would like to note that in this Chinese website ''Tai Yong'' is trancribed to Chinese characters as 泰永 (pinyin: ''Tài Yǒng''), meaning something like ''great eternity''. On the other hand, the proposed Chinese transcription on the article (太阳'' Tài Yáng'') bears less relation to the original pronunciation. Weirando ( talk) 23:26, January 13, 2013‎ (UTC) 

: Thanks for the additions thus far, and I'll go ahead and add the first set of the above characters to the page.  Curious, though - why is there a discrepancy in this case, when it seems relatively straight forward?  Is there a significant difference between the meaning of the two sets of characters?  Lastly, and this seems silly, but could the in-game pronunciation actually be 'wrong'? - not to fault the linguistic division of the devs, but this is afterall a game primarily created by Canadians and primarily marketed to the US...  User:Dsurian|Dsurian 00:03, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

:: First of all I apologize for my not very good English, which is not my mother tongue. To answer your question, I have studied Mandarin Chinese for a year and I can say that is not easy to deduce which ''hànzì'' (Chinese character) is appropiate for a particular syllabe. Chinese language is a tonal language and each syllabe (the pronounciaton of a single ''hànzì'') can mean different things depending on the tone (indicated with diacritics), the ''hànzì'' in which is written, or the context. Moreover, a single sound (with a specific tone) can signify multiple concepts and be written in other multiple ''hànzì''.  In my opinion the discrepancy is due a mistaken deduction. User:Weirando|Weirando (User talk:Weirando|talk) 21:07, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

::: This makes sense. I agree that the developers must have made a mistake. It happens all the time. User:Deanb0608|Deanb0608 (User talk:Deanb0608|talk) 20:15, January 7, 2013 (UTC)

::::: I have not been concise previously; I don't know what was the developer's intention in regard to the semantic origin of the fictional company, but I find less probable that the developers have intended other word instead of the undiacrited "Tai Yong". If, as in the Chinese website above, Tai Yong was transcribed 泰永 for the PC Chinese version of the game , and if the supposed people who could have translated it have had some major creative communication with the Canadian developers, it would be pretty enlightening. User:Weirando|Weirando (User talk:Weirando|talk) 14:13, January 15, 2013 (UTC)