Microfibral Muscle

'''Microfibral Muscle''' is one of the nano-augmentations in ''Deus Ex''.

File:Microfibral Muscle.jpg|right{{Quote|Muscle strength is amplified with ionic polymeric gel myofibrils that allow the agent to push and lift extraordinarily heavy objects.|Deus Ex description}}

It is the complement of Combat Strength - the player must choose one or the other when installing the Augmentations (DX)|augment in the Arms slot.

== Tiers ==
*'''TECH ONE''': Strength is increased slightly.
*'''TECH TWO''': Strength is increased moderately.
*'''TECH THREE''': Strength is increased significantly.
*'''TECH FOUR''': An agent is inhumanly strong.

Energy Rate: 20 Units/Minute

# On the top of the Statue of Liberty, in the room where the NSF Colonel Leo Gold is.

==Shifter Mod==
In the Shifter (Mod)|Shifter mod, Microfibral Muscle also has the Combat Strength effect.


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