Merchant (DX3)

'''Merchant''' is a person selling weapons and other items in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution.''

Detroit - City Hub:

*Grayson (Abandoned gas station)
*Seurat (Earl's Court apartment - climb the ladder across from the basketball court)
*Vera Marcovic (LIMB clinic, buy only)
*Andrea Mantegna (LIMB clinic, buy only)

Detroit - Highland Park

*MCB Gang Leader (Near the starting point, buy only)

Hengsha - City Hub

*Lin Fu Ren (Hung Hua Hotel, ground floor)
*Peng Xin Hao (Alice Garden Pods ground floor, Youzhao district during second visit)
*Huang Ling (LIMB clinic, buy only)
Hengsha - Belltower dock
*Lu Pin Rong (Near the starting point in the sewers)
*Gerta Mueller (LIMB clinic, buy only)