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||gender = Female
|weapons = 
|hair = Black
|augment = 
|rank = 
|voice = Vicky Wong
||national = Chinese|image = File:Mengyao-bustshot.png|240px||death = 
|appear = 
|affiliation = 
|friends = Hugh Darrow|eyes = Brown}}

'''Mengyao '''(Chinese: 孟瑶), is a character in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. She is an acquaintance of Hugh Darrow, and is involved in A Matter of Discretion and Corporate Warfare sidequests.

Adam Jensen first meets Mengyao in Youzhao district near Yuanmeng road, once Hugh Darrow contacts him over the Infolink and asks to seek her out. She will tell Adam that a data chip containing the data regarding Darrow's Panchaea project, has been stolen by a man named Fei, and he is attempting to sell it to a group of terrorists.

Once Jensen recovers the data chip, he can inquire about the data before giving it back. If he has Social Enhancer, he can charm Mengyao. She will tell him that the chip contains information about Panchaea's Hyron Project, but will not go into any specific details about it.

*Killing any of the thugs instead of taking them out non-lethally will fail the mission.
*If you try to convince Mengyao to give you more information about the chip and fail, you will not receive the payment. If you succeed, you will unlock the Ladies Man trophy.
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