Mei Suen

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|name = Mei Suen
||national = Chinese
|hair = Red
|eyes = Brown
|appear = Deus Ex: Human Revolution
|friends = Ning
|gender = Female
|voice = Li Li

'''Mei Suen''' is a character appearing in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution'', playing an important part in the Rotten Business side quest. She works as a prostitute at the Hung Hua Hotel in Hengsha.
Before Belltower Associates took over many of the responsibilities the police previously had in the district, Mei practically ran the brothel on her own, bribing the cops for protection. With the arrival of Belltower however, a gangster named Diamond Chan took control of the brothel and began to force girls to get augmentations to gain higher profits. While the other prostitutes were either convinced or forced to get augmented, Mei was, due to her being the most experienced girl in the establishment, always able to avoid them, despite growing pressure from Edgar Lee, an aide of Diamond Chan.

Mei is the most outspoken enemy of forced augmentations at the Hung Hua Hotel and also looks out for the other girls, being very troubled over the kidnapping of Ning Tsai, one of the other girls.


*Mei Suen can be met in a room at the fourth floor of the brothel arguing with Edgar Lee and asking for Jensen's help to find her missing colleague. If the player agrees to help her, she points him to the bouncer Chuanli and the local Harvester gang members to find the abducted prostitute.

*Once Ning is saved, she asks for another favor: she wants Diamond Chan to be killed or arrested, so that the brothel can be free from his control again.
*She can be killed or knocked out.

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