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{{Quote|The mag rail produces a powerful energy beam. In alt-fire mode, it is an EMP attack that can be fired through walls and other solid objects, striking the target without damaging the intervening objects.|''Deus Ex: Invisible War'' description}}

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The '''Mag Rail''' is an energy weapon in ''Deus Ex: Invisible War''.

The Mag Rail is an experimental energy weapon produced and supervised by Dr. Patton, the Mag Rail Project Manager for Mako Ballistics. It was launched in 2072 just after Alex Denton comes in the Seattle Mako Ballistics Facility.

Its primary fire is a semi-automatic high density energy beam with high damage and accuracy, not affected by damage resistance and can easily severely damage bots or a power-armored person. Its alternate fire is an EMP blast through walls and other solid objects, striking the target without damaging the intervening objects, which also affects organic beings and disabling bots and turrets in only one shot.

Although it features high damage per shot, the Mag Rail has a medium rate of fire, about the same speed of the Shotgun (DX2)|shotgun and Sniper Rifle (DX2)|sniper rifle. It is best used in the hands of someone with good aim and reliable cover, as headshots can be more lethal than an unzoomed sniper rifle shot, if the long cooldown time is minded.

The Mag Rail is also very useful against enemies who are resistant to bullets, such as bots or Templar Paladin, and the secondary fire deals EMP damage and disables bots and turrets in one shot, and otherwise the through walls effect can be useful in some situation.

*It is first obtainable at Mako Ballistics, after which high level enemies like Omar|Omar guards, Illuminati Elite Trooper or Templar Paladins will begin to use them occasionally later in the game.

*Synergyzes well with the Augmentations (DX2) Enhancement augmentation in Level 2 and Level 3, allowing the player to see organic enemies through walls in Level 2, and electronic devices or bots, items and interactive objects additionally in Level 3.
*This weapon is even better when coupled with the increased range and refire rate Weapon Modifications (DX2)|Weapon Mods, to make up for its shortcomings, though an increased damage mod can make it even more dangerous at close range, allowing easy one hit kills on most enemies.
*The weapon exists in some form in many first person shooter games, namely ''Goldeneye: Rogue Agent'', where a walkthrough pointed out that it is in so many games because it is so fun to use.
*Its ability to shoot through walls,  makes it a likely technological successor to the laser rifle.


MagRailPod.png|A Mag Rail in protective pod in the Mako Ballistics Headquarters

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