MJ-12 Obsidian power armor


The '''MJ-12 Obsidian power armor''' is a suit of power armor used by MJ-12 Commandos in 2052.

The final version was probably created in 2052 for Majestic-12 by Mark Bates, the project leader, in the Hong Kong and Zurich laboratories for riot control, NBC battlefields and the protection of important MJ-12 facilities. They are powered by standard Bioelectric cell (DX)|Bioelectric cells.

MJ-12 Obsidian power armor features:

* An Integrated rebreather, making them invulnerable to aerosol, Pepper Gun|gas weapons or toxicological attack

* Heat-dispersing microcore foam, negating heat damage from flamethrower|flame and plasma rifle|plasma attacks

* Ballistic shielding, providing significant protection from small arms fire

* Two 7.62mm machine guns and short range rocket launchers

* Various scanning devices, including radar and thermal vision (Thermoptic camo will not make the user invisible to them, however)

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