'''Lionel''' is a young homosexual male sculptor based in Upper Seattle.

Alex Denton approaches him at Club Vox on behalf of Seattle's Minister of Culture, Mark Finley, who wishes for Lionel to join him at his penthouse to discuss art. After Lionel agrees, Alex informs Finley, who then offers him a job as his "chamber boy", which entails preparing drinks and snacks for Finley as he entertains Lionel. If Alex agrees, then he is given the passcode to Finley's penthouse, enabling him to enter and investigate Finley on behalf of Donna Morgan at the World Trade Organization.

==Interactions with the player character==
If the player chooses to make Alex female, then Finley does not initially talk to her. Alex does strike up a conversation with Lionel, however, who claims that Finley stole his design for a sculpture, and is thus trying to seduce the Culture Minister as part of a plan to steal his art collection for revenge. Since Finley never offers Alex a job as his "chamber boy", Alex must either buy the passcode for Finley's penthouse from Lionel (or from the super at Emerald Suites), or use a multitool to turn of the electricity in the building's elevator shaft and then climb through a vent at the top of the shaft in order to enter the penthouse.
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