Lin Fu Ren

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|image =File:Linfuren-profileshot.png|220px
|name = Lin Fu Ren
|gender = Male
|rank = Merchant
|affiliation = 
|appear = Deus Ex: Human Revolution|||national = Chinese
|weapons = 
|hair = Black
|eyes = Brown||voice = Sean Baek}}

'''Lin Fu Ren''' is a character in ''Deus Ex: Human Revolution''. He's an arms dealer in Hengsha.
He operates in the Hung Hua Hotel, on the ground level, first door to the left from the main entrance. He sells various types of weapons, ammunition, weapon upgrades, explosives and miscellaneous items.

As with any other merchant in the game, players may also sell their items to him.

Upon Jensen's return to Hengsha, his inventory will be restocked with better items.


*This character is an allusion to Short Round from ''Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.''
**Lin's line, "You make me poor. Deal with you no fun," is an almost verbatim copy of a remark spoken by Short Round after losing a card game.
**Lin mentions "fortune and glory," which the three protagonists sought in ''Temple of Doom''.
**And, of course, the first act of ''Temple of Doom'' takes place in Shanghai.
*He wears a distinctive brooch on his scarf, similar to Seurat, Lu Pin Rong, and Peng Xin Hao, implying that they are part of a secret society.
*Lin Fu Ren's face is not unique, it also appears on civilians in Hengsha.
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